Our Approach

In a word or two, Common Sense. Or you might even say Intentional. We didn't come up with our name for no reason. We like to approach IT solutions in a thoughtful, pragmatic manner, always remembering that today's hip tech will be tomorrow's historical artifact. And it does seem like it can change that fast. That's why a big part of our emphasis is on process and procedure and less on specific hardward and software. We make and implement best of breed decisions for what makes the most sense for the life cycle of your technology needs. And we're mindful of budgets - after all, we have one, too. When the technology changes, then it's just that much easier to keep pace.

Our Story

IBS Founder, Todd Player, has been leading IT projects amongst business professionals, professors, executives, entrepreneurs, and public sector officials for over 20 years. Many times he has found projects or initiatives need a technical leader - someone who understands the technological and business implications of decisions that are made. This is the genesis of Intentional Business Solutions - create an IT consulting company to help other companies solve their technology challenges with intentional solutions to business problems.